There are many uses for type of Colombian Copal i.e. jewelry and industrial uses and all kinds of purposes. We offer wholesale quantities of clean and of crystallized, of fossiliferous and of polished Colombian copal. Our Colombian warehouse has large inventories for immediate orders.

We always have available raw copal or rough copal (or raw amber or rough amber) with or without inclusions. We offer quite a few large specimens, a lot of medium size chunks and tons of smaller pieces. Therefore, besides specific specimens as single items, basically, we mainly wholesale. 

Green Caribbean Amber
Green Caribbean Amber

We also offer what is called on the market ” Caribbean Amber ”  and ” Green Caribbean Amber “, even ” green amber “. Fact is, it is aged Colombian copal. But aged copal is also produced in other colors, like cream, white, brown and read.  We supply raw and beads of various forms and sizes for different purposes.



Through our reliable contacts to the mines, producers we provide constant supply and high quality and ship directly from Colombia. As a direct supplier we can save you money and help you maximize profit. We know country and people, we speak their and your language, we know your needs and the market. We are your contact for best quality Colombian copal. As we work with the direct source, we can deliver almost any commercial quantity upon request. With direct access to the factory, we also can offer tumbled, heat and autoclave enhanced Colombian copal. The factory is fully equipped with all necessary infrastructure and highly skilled professionals. Therefore, we ensure the highest quality, reliable price and quick delivery anywhere in the world.